Drop the Needle on Classic Love Songs


Love songs get a bad rap. Even some of the most offensively saccharine elevator tunes got their start as intricately crafted testaments to that most prolific of all muses, amour. Our favorite love songs are those that reflect the adversity real romance must endure, ultimately making the fulfillment even sweeter.

And even though the official holiday in celebration of romance has passed, that doesn’t mean you have to lose that loving feeling. Drop the needle on any of these classics, let your most cherished romantic memories flood your mind and enjoy these handpicked baubles inspired by some of our favorite melodies.


Nick Cave’s intensely soulful “Into My Arms” is said to have been directly influenced by the dissolution of Cave’s romance with yet another intensely soulful musician, PJ Harvey. Sometimes the sweetest love songs are those rife with wistfulness or longing, and we love the idea of a cherished, perhaps distant moment in time preserved forever in a piece of jewelry. Our vintage silver bangle with flower design and an engraving of “France 1944” is just such a lovely piece.


Light and catchy, “The Girl from Ipanema” by Antonio Carlos Jobim is a timeless track of young love, recalling hours spent in the surf making eyes at your first sweetheart. Last year, as the track turned 50, The Guardian tracked down the actual girl from Ipanema and Helô Pinheiro is still just as tall, tan and lovely as the 17 year old muse who inspired the original song. Our coral and diamond earrings encapsulate that ethereal spirit of a youthful, seaside romance.


“Something,” a beautiful ballad and the only song written by George Harrison to be released as an A-side single from the Beatles, is also the groups second most covered song after “Yesterday”. The video produced to promote this serenade is a soft, dreamy look back on the Fab Four, each accompanied by their wives, in the final days before their break-up. Wistful and sweet, our scroll pendant in moonstone is reminiscent of the beautiful piece worn by Maureen Starkey in this beautiful time capsule.


Set in the mid 1950s, West Side Story was the modern retelling of Shakespeare’s original tale of starcrossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Affiliated with rival groups, our modern day paramours Tony and Maria fall desperately in love and declare their devotion in one of the most beautiful songs to have ever been written by Bernstein and Sondheim, “One Hand, One Heart”. Our Heirloom by Doyle & Doyle Swallow earrings are not only a fitting tribute to these two lovebirds, but 100% of the net profit from the sale for each pair is donated to Doctors Without Borders, spreading that same hopefulness and love to people affected by war and natural disaster. 

Is there a song that reminds you of your first love or marks an important moment in the history of your romance? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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