Engagement Ring of the Week: Bold in Life & Love


As curators of an exquisite estate, antique, and fine jewels spanning more than three centuries, it should be no secret that we have a soft spot for the carefully patinaed wedding looks which monopolized Pinspiration boards throughout 2012. After all, who doesn’t love a gathering of vintage mercury glass vases and votives clustered around a stack of worn hardback books for a centerpiece? Recently, however, we’ve also been intrigued by the bold new styles we’ve seen popping up in weddings across the country and abroad, very much akin to the edgier looks of Spring’s 2013 runway.



And there is no better nontraditional wedding “spirit guide” than Rock ‘n Roll Bride blogger Kat Williams. She’s been sharing her perspective on unique nuptials since 2007 when she began documenting her own planning experience, and recently shared her 2013 predictions for what will be driving nontraditional bridal style with Cosmopolitan UK. We love her perspective on what alternative weddings are all about: “being ‘Rock ‘n Roll’ is not about being ‘cool’, being a rebel or even thinking of the most unique idea you can, it’s about planning a wedding that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your way.” Right on, Kat!

To that end, our pick for engagement ring of the week is for the woman who marches to the beat of her own drummer. This vintage ring centers a marquise onyx stone surrounded by twenty-eight single cut diamonds. The platinum setting is intricately detailed, with vine-like metal work wrapping up the sides and around the stones. We think it’s the perfect choice for the bride to be who is bold in both life and love.


Are you out there, you fearsome creature? Which of these 2013 bridal trend predictions from Rock ‘n Roll Brides blogger Kat Williams do you think you might try out for your own unconventional union?

Bold Colors: From violet gowns to lavender locks, we’re excited to see new ways brides will incorporate bold colors into their wedding day style


Graphic Patterns: Printed materials and table decor get a clean, crisp look with graphic patterns


Glitter: We believe that there is simply no such thing as too much sparkle – apply liberally to your table, bridesmaids or backdrops


Short SHORT Dresses: We love the modernity of a short wedding dress and we can’t wait to see more sassy skirts sashaying down the aisle


Creative Catering: 2012 was all about the dessert buffet, 2013 is all about doing it your own way – taco truck, pizza party, ice cream social – the possibilities are endless


Ombre: First seen on the locks of the swingingest “it” girls, we like the ombre trend even better in these swoon-worthy wedding hues



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