Engagement Ring of the Week: Correct Amounts Lust & Respect


Inspired by Doyle & Doyle commenter Carol F.’s response to our recent post on great loves that contributed to the artistic canon, our engagement ring of the week is inspired by yet another impressive pair, Hollywood power duo Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.


Married for 50 years, the two originally met while Woodward was an understudy in a Broadway play featuring Newman, Picnic. Reconnecting a few years later to film the intense, intensely dramatic and intensely steamy (literally) “The Long Hot Summer” the two were married soon after. Paul and Joanne and would go on to collaborate on 15 films amongst countless other projects, including three children and their charitable foundation, Newman’s Own, a food company from which all post-tax profits and royalties were donated to charity.


Over the course of their enduring relationship, the two were asked countless times to share their secret on sustaining a happy marriage, and had some memorable responses including Newman’s cheeky retort when questioned by Playboy: “I have steak at home, why should I go out for Hamburger?”

art deco diamond engagement ring

In addition to the lasting legacy of their films, Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman nurtured a romance that was “correct amounts of lust and respect” that melts hearts to this day, and our Art Deco diamond and platinum engagement ring of the week pick is in tribute to their powerful chemistry. A transition round brilliant cut diamond set in platinum, it is “correct amounts” modern glamor and timeless elegance. We hope that the couple whose life this ring enters next is fortunate to share a lengthy relationship filled with patience, desire, and unconditional love, just like Paul & Joanne’s.

Bonus: Take a look at a wonderful collection of photos of the two from the ages here.

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