Engagement Ring of the Week: Your Own Secret Slovenia


The grandeur of our engagement ring of the week harkens back far beyond it’s Edwardian origins to the romance of the renaissance – when courtly love was king and damsels donned jewels in vivid colors. The bright, shining, cushion cut sapphire – which is surrounded by fourteen smaller cushion cut diamonds set in an openwork ribbon motif – would have been right at home in the spectacularly imaginative styles of the time.


Engagement Ring of the Week

No doubt the original owner of this French import was entranced by the perfect pairing of sparkling gemstone and exquisite ornate detailing – feeling transported, as we do, to another time and place. Perhaps to medieval Europe, which is just where a pretty piece like this cries out to be paraded around during a honeymoon filled with plenty of sonnet-worthy romantic love.

May we suggest “Secret Slovenia” as recently explored in rich detail by the likes of Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveller, and the Grey Lady? The country is literally bursting at the seams with fairy tale worthy castles – castles on lakes, castles built into caves, castles in the hilltops, you get the picture. But the fantasy doesn’t end there.  Below find some highlights and must-haves we’d pick for a swoon-worthy honeymoon in this romantic pocket of Central Europe.

The Safari Globetrotter will take you to Slovenia and back in style and security – each 1920s style suitcase is handcrafted with 98 individual processes over a period of 10 days, 9 hours and 35 minutes. Hisa Franko is a Slovenian bed and breakfast of extraordinary measure – go for the best dining in all of Kobarid, stay for the beautiful setting adjacent to wildflower meadows meandering to the mountains


This persimmon “flat” will take you day to night, whether your kicking down the cobblestones of Ljubljana or exploring the wine region of Goriska Brda

Lake Bled: As Travel + Leisure describes, you cannot miss this “sun-drenched town clustered around a brilliant blue lake, at the center of which is a fairy-tale island with a church, set upon in the summer months by boats bearing brides and their grooms”


Capture candid, intimate moments of your sweetheart or pics of the hidden nooks where you sneak a smooch with this candy-colored, retro twin lens camera – the Blackbird, Fly


This Tanya Taylor a-line dress just hit the runway for NYFW, but it’s already haunting our dreams and would be perfect for multi-use vacation wear

What are you (or were you!) looking for while planning your own honeymoons, dear readers? And how on earth did you decide on what to pack? Are you an outfit for every occasion type of traveler, or one black dress with lots of mix n’ match accessories packing pro? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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