“Oh, give us pleasure” A Theme for Spring!





A Prayer in Spring: Robert Frost




In just five short days we welcome back an extra hour of sunshine into our lives as we spring forward into lush white blossoms and the sweet scent of the season of rebirth. And less than two short weeks after the vernal equinox, spring will officially begin! We’ll be ready with bright whites in whimsical shapes and gorgeous florals in colors so vibrant you’ll be amazed they occur in nature.



And what better to pair with these perfect pieces in white and our favorite hand-painted botanicals than our collection of spring themed styles?


Victorian Amethyst Ring

One stand out piece is our Victorian Amethyst ring with flower and pearl detail. It is more than just a sweet homage to our favorite season, it’s also a richly symbolic love letter sent from nearly 150 years ago. Highly sentimental, Victorian bijoux were commonly crafted as love tokens, mementoes, and souvenirs rife with symbolism. This piece is comprised of amethyst, symbolizing devotion; wild roses, symbolizing simplicity; and pearls, symbolizing tears. It’s a beautiful, complex puzzle of meaning representative of the era, with the design giving us a hint to the feelings of purity, longing, and devotion the giver may have intended to convey thru the design.


Another stunning complement to festoon your spring fashions is our vintage tri-gold lily pad pin pendant; which can to be worn as both a pin and necklace. Lily pads symbolized the sun and rebirth to ancient Egyptians and they will have the same revivifying effect on your wardrobe during your seasonal transition. It’s sure to add a touch of gilded elegance pinned at the waist to an elegant belted gown or worn hanging from a long gold chain.


And last but certainly not least is our beautiful colored stone and enamel bracelet featuring cloisonné detailing, an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects using enamel. The finely engraved flowers in this piece are a testament to the beauty of spring florals, and present an opportunity to carry them with you year round.

Our curated collection of spring baubles is overflowing with fresh ideas to brighten up your seasonal wardrobe – what pieces are you dying to take out on the town?


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