The Doyle & Doyle Gift Guide: Part 1


This holiday season, Doyle & Doyle will help you choose a timeless treasure for all those nearest and dearest to your heart.  From the cousin who has been your co-conspirator since as early as your blanket fort adventures, to the colleague who spends enough time entrenched with you to find your idiosyncrasies endearing, to the beloved sister who was your first friend and remains your closest confidante, Doyle & Doyle has the perfect gift for each.



For your best friend whose adventurous spirit and seemingly endless creativity inspires you to continue to strive towards that which you wouldn’t previously dare dream, how about a beautiful set of gold hairpins or antique hair comb for her luscious locks that seem to always be styled just right?


For your colleague, who’s seen you through all manner of ups and downs, both professional and personal, and always knows whether a restorative peppermint tea or rather two fingers of bourbon to commiserate are in order, we suggest a vintage fob seal or intaglio ring to seal the deal once you finally decide to chuck it all and go into business just the two of you.


For your mother, the woman whose unparalleled kindness and generosity knows no equal – well, nothing is quite good enough, really. But you know that what mother loves best, aside from the handmade ornaments of your youth, are her children themselves. A locket with photos of you and your siblings (or better yet, her grandchildren, if applicable) is probably the next best thing. And maybe you can pick up the phone every once in a while?



For your father, your first and most prolific teacher, whose lessons on survival – both literal and metaphorical – still guide you through life with his signature wit and charm ringing in your head, may we suggest a little something to demonstrate you were listening when he taught you a grown man should own at least one watch without a digital display and know how to tie a proper Windsor? A whimsical set of silver Monkey & Banana cufflinks, or an elegant Art Deco enamel watch chain will definitely put a “mission accomplished” smile on dad’s face.


Whether you are celebrating one year or one decade together, nothing says “I’m in this for eternity” like a 40-inch platinum chain set with 40 round cut brilliant diamonds. Your paramour will wrap themselves in this treasure through the good times and bad, sickness and health, business trips abroad or holidays with the in-laws, and always feel linked to you no matter what.

Still, haven’t found what you’re looking for? Tune in for our second Gift Guide installment next Monday. Or, as always, feel free to contact us at

Happy Holidays!

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