A color for everyone! Heirloom Cushion Engagement Ring of the Week


cushion heirloom rings by Doyle and Doyle

We love it, our couples love it, Stone Fox Bride loves it… we think it’s high time we feature our Heirloom cushion cut gemstone ring as the Engagement Ring of the Week. A Doyle & Doyle original, this cushion cut ring is a fusion of antique and modern, evoking inspiration from ancient Egypt, India, and Renaissance Italy.

doyle and doyle heirloom cushion rings

doyle and doyle heirloom diamond bracelets and vintage wedding bands

Choose between lapis lazuli, turquoise, or hematite, which can be set in 18k yellow, rose, or white gold. A trio of diamonds adorns the shank on either side for sparkle. Try pairing it with a vintage gold wedding band highlighted by black enamel, or a vintage diamond band. 

doyle and doyle heirloom jewelries

heirloom  sliding on ring

For the wedding day look, we’ve piled on the bracelets.  We mixed Art Deco pearl and diamonds, Victorian floral gold roundels, and Retro 2-tone geometry with our Heirloom oxidized silver and diamond link bracelets.

doyle & doyle's heirloom cushion rings and diamond bracelet

Influenced by Indian talismans, the ring is designed so that the gemstone dips below the setting at the back to touch your finger, allowing the stone’s power to flow into your body. Hematite is a healing and grounding stone, turquoise relaxes the mind and eases stress, and lapis strengthens awareness and creativity.

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