Art Deco Twin Diamond Engagement Ring of the Week


This week is our celebration of October’s birthstones, opal, and tourmaline, and you may be wondering why we’re featuring a diamond engagement ring. We always love a colored stone engagement ring, and both opal and tourmaline are some of the most colorful out there! However, both are soft stones, especially opals, and we don’t recommend them for hard, everyday wear.

Art Deco Twin Stone RingIn the spirit of colorful opal and tourmaline, we selected a detailed Art Deco twin diamond ring with vivid green accents. Crafted in platinum with a low profile silhouette, this is a beautiful (and affordable!) ring that’s perfect to wear everyday.

Art Deco Twin Ring

Two sparkling Transitional Round Brilliant cut diamonds sit side by side in a geometric filigree setting, an Art Deco take on a “Toi et Moi” design. Dating to 1930, the ring is stamped with the maker’s mark for Garland, the jewelry division of The Ball Company. Based in Chicago, The Ball Co. was primarily known for fine timepieces. In 1924, the company began selling jewelry under the hallmark “Garland”, named for their corporate home, The Garland Building.

Art deco engagement rings

Art Deco engagement ring and two vintage wedding bands

To highlight the romance of our twin diamond ring, we created an eclectic wedding day look inspired by the colors of opal and tourmaline, and grounded by the ring’s elegant Art Deco symmetry. We couldn’t resist including a mid-century opal ring, which plays off the emerald cocktail ring and enameled hearts of our vintage charm bracelet. Each of the 24 sterling hearts is unique, including flowers, shamrocks, even a lion’s head, and all are inscribed with either a date or name. Instant family heirloom and the perfect “something blue”!

deco twin stone 1

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