Celebrate September with a Rainbow of Sapphires


Sapphire Jewely Rings Bracelet Necklace

The best quality of September’s birthstone is its versatility. Sapphire jewelry runs the gamut from classically tailored to dramatically glamorous, making quick work of choosing a gift for your favorite September babies.

Colored Sapphire Jewelry

But why not treat yourself while you’re at it, perhaps with a dramatic cocktail ring for fall. Channel a touch of Countess Olenska’s elegance mixed with a smidge of rock & roll decadence. Discover your perfect fall bauble from our array of newly arrived antique, vintage, and contemporary sapphire rings.

Colored Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire naturally comes in a rainbow of luscious colors, depending on the trace elements present when the crystal forms. Inspired by the range of possibilities, historical jewelers often featured sapphires in shades of pink, orange, and yellow, in addition to classic blue. In fact, every color of the mineral corundum, except for red, is known as sapphire. Why not red, you ask? Because we call red corundum ruby!

Doyle & Doyle colored sapphires

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