Devilishly Glamorous Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring of the Week


Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring

What could be more appropriate for our Halloween Engagement Ring of the Week than a blood red vintage ruby solitaire? Decadent and regal, there’s nothing better than a ruby to make a glamorous statement, and this one fairly glows. 

doyle & doyle ruby engagement ring with two wedding bands

For a dramatic wedding day look, we pulled together a collection of jeweled lucky talismans to ward off any uninvited spirits. At the throat, an antique diamond and ruby pendant incorporating the heart for love, anchor for constancy, and cross for faith. On the wrist, a vintage diamond bracelet in the form of the evil eye. And to top it all off, an elegant antique ruby, diamond, and pearl brooch pinned at the waist or in your chignon.

ruby wedding jewelry

Doyle & Doyle Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring with  4 pearl brooch

Inspired by this All Hallows Eve season, we found a treasure trove of Dracula imagery for your spooky Halloween wedding. Mixed in are some of our favorite “bloodsucking” jewels, including a spectacular pair of rock crystal heart earrings, pierced by enameled swords and dripping garnet blood drops. From New York jeweler Hayden Wheeler & Co., a fittingly grotesque antique devil ring with piercing ruby eyes. And to symbolize the immortality of your haunted love affair, a Victorian inspired vintage garnet snake ring (cue madman laughter).

Do you have any ghoulish or haunted jewels in your collection?

ruby erotw 5 dracula jewels

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