Doyle & Doyle Brides: The Story of Helen & Matthew


Spending your days surrounded by jewelry of unparalleled beauty and rich with history is a blissful existence not unlike that of a museum docent who’s pleasure it is to while away hours walking among timeless works of art. It’s hard to imagine a day in the life getting any better, but indeed it does. At Doyle & Doyle we have the absolute pleasure of being a part of one of the most important moments in people’s lives – their engagements – and in a new monthly feature, we will highlight some of the many brides and grooms we’ve had the privilege of working with over our 12-year history.

Our first engagement tale is a modern romance and one that took place incredibly close to home – on the Doyle & Doyle showroom floor, to be exact. We caught the happy ending of this story in action (check out the pictures below to prove it) and asked the groom-to-be to fill us in on the rest.

Take it away, Matthew:

We actually met on!  It was my 4000th date and her 4th (she’s a lucky girl).  We went to the White Horse Tavern for Sunday Funday beers then Corner Bistro for burgers with a little street-corner make out after.  By the third date (Phillies/Mets game, karaoke bar) we pretty much both figured something was special.


We had been dating for a year and two months and while we were away for the 4th up in the Adirondacks the entire time I was thinking to myself, “man, I should just ask her to marry me. She’s everything I want.”  BUT, I didn’t have a ring, so I didn’t ask. But the wheels were set in motion, mentally at least.

Fast forward to the Tuesday after the 4th (July 10th) and we are eating dinner on the deck and talking about our future and she says, “you know, I don’t need a big reveal or to be surprised when we get engaged…”

Interestingly, all during dinner I was texting my buddy Paul who had recently gotten married and was asking about his ring, jeweler, etc. of which she was totally unaware.

So, after she says that she doesn’t need a big surprise I turn to her and say, “so, do you want to get married then?”  And, thinking it’s part of the discussion, she says “yeah, I want to get married” and continues to talk as if it wasn’t an actual invitation.

I say, “no, do you want to get married, will you marry me??”  To her saying “yes”, then some smooching and such.

Adirondacks at Dusk

Adirondacks at Dusk

That was stage one engagement. We were officially engaged but didn’t announce it because her parents are in North Carolina and we wanted to speak to them in person.

I then told my parents that week – Stage Two.

We came to Doyle & Doyle, bought the ring, I got down on one knee, we ate oysters, drank champagne, smooched – Stage Three.


Finally last week we were in North Carolina for her family’s beach week.  There were twelve aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws – a whole lot of family – running around, which made it hard to find a space or time to get her parents alone.  When we finally got them on the deck I said: “Helen and I have had a conversation about getting married and we’d like to know if it would be OK with you.”

Happily, the answer was a resounding yes. We popped champagne and celebrated with the entire family.  Stage Four engagement, complete.

Doyle & Doyle Brides: Matthew & Helen

Doyle & Doyle Brides: Matthew & Helen

We are planning a November 3rd wedding (getting it done!) and are very happy.

Thank you so much, Matthew, for letting us share this special time with you. We can’t wait to hear all about “Stage Five” – the nuptials – come November.

Readers, are any of you Doyle and Doyle brides past or to be? If so, we’d love to share your stores as we celebrate over a decade of legendary romances. Leave a comment below or email us at

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