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Kreisberg 1 pre-wedding

Meet Doyle & Doyle couple, Amy and Joe, who got married last April in Colorado, near Amy’s hometown. After getting her dad’s blessing during a trip to see her family, Joe surprised Amy with her beautiful Doyle & Doyle vintage engagement ring. He describes the proposal:

“Amy and I were lying in bed talking, and she was stressing out about life. I don’t know what she dreamed about that night, but she had all these thoughts and questions about life, work, the future, the present, and was going about 100 miles and hour. I listened and laughed and at some point got up to get the ring, kept it under the pillow for a bit, and after she slowed down, I pulled the ring out and let the box sit there. The rest was a bit of a blur, but about a year later I was standing in front of a room in Colorado waiting for my bride to walk down the aisle, so she must have said ‘yes.’”

Old European cut diamond ring from Doyle & Doyle

Joe originally noticed the vintage Old European cut diamond ring with filigree and sapphires on our website, and when he came to the store to see it in person, knew immediately that it was meant to be Amy’s. We always tell our couples that you’ll know when you’ve found the right ring, and in Joe’s case, he was back in a few days to make the purchase. In a serendipitous twist, Joe explains “we didn’t even need to resize the ring, as it was already the perfect fit. (Doyle & Doyle sales associate) Matthew called it a ‘Cinderella ring.’”

Kreisberg 3 wedding ceremony

Amy and Joe chose picturesque Devil’s Thumb Ranch, an hour and a half north of Denver, as the venue for their beautiful wedding. Joe describes the search for the perfect location as similar to the search for the perfect ring:

“Once we found this one we knew it was it. Similar to how I felt about the ring! My family is New York based, and we wanted a place where we could make a weekend out of it and spend time with our family and friends. We certainly had that, and loved our wedding. We had about 110 people, my brother and Amy’s sister stood by us as we said our vows, and our friend Erik acted as the officiant.”

Kreisberg 4 wedding reception

It’s important to take a moment during your wedding to slow down, look around, and appreciate what’s happening all around you. Joe described his favorite wedding moment, “In the middle the reception, Amy took me aside and we snuck into a dark corner of the room. There we took a breath and and a long look at our family and friends together in a room to celebrate an important part of our lives with us.” For their honeymoon, Amy and Joe wanted “a little bit of snow and a little beach” and they spent four days at the Dunton Hot Springs resort near Telluride and six days in the Caribbean on St. Lucia.

Wedding photos are courtesy of Brinton Studios.

Kreisberg 5 wedding venue

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