Dramatic Georgian Style Engagement Ring of the Week


Georgian Style Engagement Ring from Doyle & DoyleWhy not ring in the new year with a bang? For the first featured engagement ring of 2014, we selected a striking Georgian style diamond cluster ring, showcasing a 1.56ct antique light yellow Old Mine cut diamond. With its frame of chunky Old European cut diamonds set in silver and a detailed rose gold band, this ring beautifully captures the dramatic elegance of the early 1800s.

Angled and Back View of Georgian Style Engagement Ring from Doyle & DoyleDesigned by Elizabeth Doyle as a spirited homage to the Georgian period, which spans from 1714 to 1830, the ring marries antique diamonds with a contemporary handmade mounting. Diamonds set in silver may look unusual to our modern eyes, but Georgian jewelers often set gems in silver backed with gold. The silver accentuated diamonds’ glitter, while the gold protected the wearer’s skin from tarnish.

Georgian Style Engagement Ring on the hand from Doyle & DoyleYellow and white diamonds in a silver, 18k rose, and 24k yellow gold setting – there’s a wonderful play of colors and textures in this unique ring. The reverse of the ring is even decorated with fanciful geometric piercing. When selecting a wedding band, take inspiration from the ring’s colors and shapes. You’ll likely wear the engagement ring and wedding band on separate hands, so play with stacking a two-tone wide gold and diamond band with modern eternity bands in shades of gold or platinum. We love the idea of also adding in more yellow diamonds!

Wedding Ring Pairings with Georgian Style Engagement Ring from Doyle & Doyle  Georgian Style Engagement Ring stacked with various wedding bands from Doyle & Doyle The use of silver and chunky old diamonds also reminded us of JAR’s diamond thread rings. In our last post, we introduced JAR’s colorful pave jewels, and he’s also known for his diamond rings, intricately twisted pave mountings with white or colored diamonds. In the tradition of Georgian jewelers, JAR frequently utilizes blackened silver to set his diamonds and, as in our ring, he plays with different colors and textures.

Georgian Style Engagement Ring from Doyle & DoyleWhat do you think about our Georgian inspired ring? Do you like to mix old with new in your jewelry collection?


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