Engagement Ring of the Week: This Bauble Was Preferred Of Bees


In the past decade, DIY has evolved far beyond tissue paper, popsicle sticks and Elmers glue. While we largely have Martha Stewart to thank, it’s really the legions of self-proclaimed “craft bloggers” that have taken up her mantle and turned their creativity towards beautifying weddings who have pushed the field forward. These talented makers create incredibly imaginative projects that your wedding guests would be hard-pressed to identify as a handmade creation as opposed to an expensive investment.

And what’s so wonderful about DIY is that it suits any bride’s style, as well as pocketbook. Boho, glam, classic, modern, over-the-top or barefoot on the beach – your ability to personalize and create a look that is uniquely suited to you and your partner is only limited by the amount of time you care to invest.


Flowerhead Engagement Ring

This week’s Engagement Ring of the Week has a lovely “flower head” which lends itself nicely to a DIY wedding style heavily influenced by antique botanicals and lush colors found in nature. Set in gold, the “flower head” features an Old Mine cut center diamond in a surround of six Rose cut diamonds. The organic feel of this unique setting inspired a wedding style which would be quite at home in an Emily Dickinson poem.

Purple-Accents Wedding Inspiration

Deep tones of violet, amethyst, and lilac are stunning in both big and small doses. And whether a peep of purple at the toe or a dramatic flourish on your gown is the right amount for your personal taste – a hand-tied bouquet of gathered wildflowers is sure to be a “just right” complement.

thistle like pendant lamps

Hanging from trees, rafters or even an outdoor tent these thistle-like pendant lamps glowing overhead will infuse festivities with a Midsummer Night’s Dream-like magic.

Locally Bottled Honey from Brooklyn Honey

Delight your guest’s senses with an edible favor they will be buzzing to bring home and support small business at the same time by bottling local honey in personalized vials.


While we’ve been intrigued by collections of vintage stamps ever since we saw Charade, we love the idea of actually putting them into circulation with your invitation on handmade envelopes using vintage botanical prints.

Whether you are crafting challenged or a glue-gun-goddess, we’d love to hear about any personalized elements included in the planning for your own special day in the comments.

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