Happy Labor Day!


labor day 1

It’s September! Here in New York, the days are warm, even steamy at times, but we’re starting to feel a little nip in the air at night. It’s the perfect time for jewels with an all-American flair.

labor day 2 montage

Primary colors and geometric shapes in rich, lustrous gold slide from summer into early fall. We’re inspired by classic American fashion icons – Jackie Kennedy on the family yacht at Hyannisport or Lauren Hutton striding down 5th Avenue in a classic trench and jeans.

labor day 3 jewels

We also love our contemporary Brooklyn girls, Michelle Williams and Keri Russell. Both embrace a clean, fresh style that would pair beautifully with our Americana jewels.

labor day 4 jackie and lauren

Did you know that the first American Labor Day observance happened in New York? In 1882, ten thousand workers marched in a parade up Broadway in support of the 8-hour workday. Thanks for the day off and a manageable work week, 19th-century marchers! How are you celebrating Labor Day and what classic jewels are you wearing?

labor day 5 michelle and keri

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