Seattle’s Wedding Venue Mise-en-scène


Victorian Double Snake ring

Our Victorian double snake Engagement Ring of the Week is an inspired choice for the Seattle bride to be, or any bride to be who embodies that same singularly individualist spirit preparing to cross that threshold of togetherness and interconnectivity. We think the interwoven snakes are reminiscent of the Taijitu symbol and make a powerful statement – not only because of the nontraditional engagement ring style but because they represent creating a whole that is greater than its parts.

It’s this duality of an intrinsically magnificent natural setting, combined with the rough edges of transformed but once hardscrabble urban metropolis, that inspired this week’s engagement ring. Our Victorian double snake ring resembles the Taoist symbol of the Yin and the Yang, set in 18k gold with a sapphire and a diamond as the eyes of interlocked figures, the symbol of complementary (not, as commonly mistaken, opposing) forces joined to create a stronger whole.

As we explored the Emerald city for Tuesday’s feature on the fiercely independent life and style of Seattle, it was hard to resist pining for the natural splendor and moody beauty of the spectrum of incredible wedding venues available in this Timber town. The combination of inherent natural beauty alongside the creative refurbishing of formerly decaying structures makes for a uniquely gritty yet lovely Mise-en-scène.

yin-and-yang-seattle-venuesWho could imagine a more rich backdrop, as Brian Smale describes for the Smithsonian than the “mountains (that) rise up to 14,000 feet above the sea. (The) magnificent, rain-drenched forests, treeless desert lands, glacial lakes, some 3,000 kinds of native plants and hundreds of islands in Puget Sound”?


What do you think is the most important when choosing a wedding venue in your local city? The aesthetics or amenities? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Credits: One Love Photo; Chantal Andrea; McConnell Photo; Shane Macomber; Sarah Rhoads

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