See our Talismans Exhibition before it closes!


Doyle & Doyle talismans exhibition collage

You only have ’til this Saturday, October 28 to see our Vault jewelry exhibition TALISMANS: Amulets of Power and Protection! Make a date to visit the Meatpacking District this week and discover this incredible collection of antique and vintage jewelry. We’ve got carved opal dragons, emerald, jade, and faience scarabs, and even a diamond studded salamander. Several pieces have already gone to new homes, don’t miss your chance to find your unique talisman. Our boutique at 412 W. 13th Street in NYC is open everyday 12-7pm, 12-8pm on Thursdays. See you there! ~~~

Doyle & Doyle talismans exhibition antique intaglio lapis mermaid ring

Wouldn’t this make a striking pinkie ring? Antique carved lapis intaglio ring circa 1920, depicting a mermaid admiring her reflection in a hand mirror. From our Talismans exhibition catalog: “The earliest mermaid-like figure was likely the ancient Syrian goddess Atargatis. She was a goddess of fertility, but her association with water and its life giving properties also made her a protector of general well being for her people.” ~~~

Doyle & Doyle talismans exhibition antique Art Nouveau enameled dragon pin Krementz

Sometimes, you need a little extra kick of power to get you through a tough day. Firepower, like from this beautifully enameled antique dragon pin! This little work of art is signed Krementz, circa 1900. Krementz first opened as Krementz & Company in 1869 in Newark, NJ. By 1899, they were among the best equipped jewelry factories in the country. They’re probably best known today for their sought after enamel jewelry, produced around the turn of the century.  These enamels, including pins and lavaliere pendants in an Art Nouveau style, were affordable to the mass market, but featured very high quality transparent enamels with gradations of hues. ~~~

Doyle & Doyle talismans exhibition carved opal dragon necklace B. Anton

Dragons have long served as protective symbols in jewelry. This intricately carved opal dragon necklace set with diamonds is the work of Barbara Anton and dates to the 1970s. From our Talismans exhibition catalogue, “Barbara Anton was an actress, playwright and novelist in addition to being an accomplished jeweler. She is known for her bold, freeform jewelry designs and often used unusual stones or unexpected combinations of materials. Anton received 23 international awards for Excellence in Jewelry Design.” ~~~

Doyle & Doyle talismans exhibition antique intaglio mythological gryllus ring

Not only does the mirror have two faces, but your ring can have two faces! This antique deep blue glass intaglio ring features the gryllus, a mythological creature with conjoined human heads. A gryllus can be fantastical combinations of beasts and humans, multiple humans, or humans and animals, often imbued with mythological or magical associations. They are believed to protect the wearer from harm and the ancient Greeks and Romans saw the gryllus as a powerful protective amulet. With a circa date of 1830-1840, this intaglio may have been procured on the Grand Tour and set into a ring as a souvenir. ~~~

Doyle & Doyle talismans exhibition antique and vintage crosses religious jewelry

Probably the most familiar protective symbols are the religious ones, and we have a unique collection of antique and vintage cross pendants in the Talismans exhibition, including a Georgian rose cut diamond cross, a vintage enameled crucifix, and a Victorian engraved cross set with plaited hair panels. Any of these would be a beautiful expression of faith and perfect as your own personal talisman. ~~~

See you at the exhibition!

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