Sentimental Jewels Inspired by Beth Bernstein’s “If These Jewels Could Talk”


Beth Bernstein's book and Doyle & Doyle jewelry inspired by it.We’re excited to introduce Beth Bernstein, author of the new book, If These Jewels Could Talk: The Legends Behind Celebrity Gems. Beth is a gifted writer and jewelry expert, whose passion has introduced her to a world of fabulous jewels and people.  She shares her wisdom through numerous articles, design, and jewelry consulting. Her previous two books are My Charmed Life: Rocky Romances, Precious Family Connections and Searching For a Band of Gold and Jewelry’s Shining Stars: Shaping Today’s Collectibles and Tomorrow’s Heirlooms.

Beth’s beautiful and insightful new book, specifically the chapter “Sentimental Journeys,” inspired this special exhibition of sentimental jewelry. Ranging from gem encrusted brooches to sweet charm bracelets, each jewel evokes a significant moment or message.

Vintage and antique heart pendants from Doyle & Doyle.1. Vintage rock crystal heart pendant with gem set bail in 14k gold. 2. Antique enamel scrolled heart pendant in 14k gold, circa 1910. 3. Antique sapphire and pearl heart pendant in 14k. Circa 1880. 4. Antique pave split pearl heart pin/pendant in 14k. Krementz, circa 1900. 5. Edwardian diamond and split pearl openwork heart pendant in 14k. Circa 1910. 6. Antique lapis and pearl frame heart pendant in 14k. Circa 1900.

Vintage carved emerald and diamond brooch from Doyle & Doyle.7. Vintage leaf brooch set with carved emerald leaves and Round Brilliant cut, Baguette and single cut diamonds, fashioned in platinum with 18k white gold pin fittings. French, mid 20th century.

Antique and Art Deco carved gemstone tutti frutti style jewelry from Doyle & Doyle.8. Antique tassel earrings with Old Mine cut diamond tops, sapphire and ruby beads, rose cut diamond cap and sapphire bead tassels with ruby terminal in 18k gold. Early 20th century. 9. Art Deco jabot brooch, with two carved sapphire birds resting on diamond branches with emerald leaves, in platinum and 18k white gold. Circa 1925. 10. Art Deco carved jade and diamond drop earrings with black enamel links, in platinum and 18k gold. French, circa 1925. 11. Art Deco emerald bead, rectangular ruby, and diamond link bracelet, in platinum. Circa 1925.

Antique Edwardian diamond and ruby brooch from Doyle & Doyle.12. Edwardian hinged bow brooch, with Old European cut diamonds, calibre cut rubies and a pearl, in platinum and 18k gold. Circa 1915.

Vintage diamond pave jewelry from Doyle & Doyle.13. Straight line diamond necklace with millegrain boxed design, in platinum. Contemporary. 14. Antique pave Old European cut diamond heart pendant/pin fashioned in platinum topped 14k gold. Circa 1905. 15. Vintage diamond charm bracelet, including a bell, basket, sailboat, heart, #13, horseshoe, turtle, cross, and anchor, in platinum.

Vintage and antique gold charm bracelets from Doyle & Doyle.16. Vintage coral charm bracelet, including an Italian horn, Buddha, pig, and stylized fruits, in 14k. Circa 1960. 17. Antique and vintage charm bracelet, including a Scottie dog, forget-me-not, blue enamel heart, telephone dial, and diamond ring, in 14k and 9k gold. Circa 1930. 18. Vintage bracelet with Victorian and Edwardian charms, including a coral figa with heart, watch key, watch fob seals with various hardstones, compass, diamond set heart, and blue enamel vinaigrette with horseshoe, in 9k, 14k and 18k gold. Charms circa 1870-1910, link bracelet circa 1920.

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