Swirling Elegance: Belle Epoque Engagement Ring of the Week


French Belle Epoque Dinner Ring from Doyle & Doyle

For our holiday Engagement Ring of the Week, we couldn’t resist this brand new arrival. It’s a French Belle Epoque dinner ring dating to 1900, centering a glittering old Mine cushion cut diamond and fashioned in platinum-topped gold. Asymmetrical curls of rose cut stones create a swirling sense of movement and its long shape beautifully flatters the hand. This beauty is so new to our collection that I literally snatched it from the new inventory tray. It’s item #101547R and you can see it sparkling in our West 13th Street store, but it’s not yet on the website. Call (212) 677-9991 or email info@doyledoyle.com for more information.

French Belle Epoque Dinner Ring on hand from Doyle & Doyle

This elaborate of a ring stands beautifully on its own, so pair it with a wedding band on your other hand. Wearing your engagement ring and wedding band on different hands frees you to select something less traditional, like a delicately engraved wide antique gold band. Or pair it with vintage platinum bands that echo the ring’s ribbons of diamonds, mixing and matching the Belle Epoque with Art Deco and 1940s styles.

French Belle Epoque Dinner Ring with wedding bands at Doyle & Doyle

Perhaps our ring was originally worn by an elegant 1910s woman, like those painted by Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell, a Scottish artist known for his fashionable portraits and interiors. The brushstrokes of Cadell’s loose, impressionist style evoke a sense of movement, like the diamond swirls of our ring. Just on the cusp of a new age, his beauties confidently look out at us from colorful Edwardian Edinburgh. And they are rocking those hats and jewels!

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell Reflections Painting

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell Reflections sketches

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