THE VAULT: Sentimental Rings Opening Preview


On October 8th, we celebrated the opening of our Vault Series exhibition, “Sentimental Rings: Birth to Death and In-Between” with co-curators Elizabeth Doyle and Danielle Miele (GemGossip), members of the fashion press, jewelry historians, friends, and family. Danielle and Elizabeth described what inspired their collaboration and introduced our guests to the exquisite rings on display. Following the theme of the evening, everyone came bedecked in their favorite rings!

We invite you to view “Sentimental Rings“, on view to the public until November 9, 2014. Most of the pieces are on loan from private collections, so don’t miss this unique opportunity to see rare poesy rings, locket rings, memento mori, and even a Victorian baby tooth ring. If you can’t make it in person, the full catalog is online.

Love sentimental jewelry? You can also shop our Vault-inspired curated collection for similar styles to those in “Sentimental Rings.” Doyle & Doyle rings included in the exhibition will be available for purchase after November 9.

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