Top 5 Couture Inspired Wedding Jewelry Trends


Whether simple or dramatic, a bride’s ensemble reflects her personal style and can set the tone for the entire wedding. A lot of thought goes into her head-to-toe look, from the dress to the shoes to the jewelry. After tearing ideas from magazines and pinning up a storm, she may be overwhelmed by the possibilities. Luckily, there’s an easy way to pinpoint a style – look to the venue! The couple’s choice of location will influence the color palette and decor, why not let it also inspire the fashion? Based on our Doyle & Doyle brides, we’ve curated five looks based on popular wedding venues. Couture gowns from Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab, Vionnet, and Chanel are matched with vintage and antique jewelry to create bridal styles that are both modern and timeless.

bridal style jewelryIs there anything more romantic than a garden wedding? Trailing ivy, a sun dappled lawn, and colorful flowers are all the decoration you need to create a beautiful day. Perfectly at home in any garden is this flower strewn Giambattista Valli gown, matched with wedding jewelry that picks up the palette of pink, green, and yellow. Wouldn’t a jeweled butterfly look beautiful perched on the shoulder, at the waist, or even in the bride’s hair? And we love the sentiment of Victorian forget-me-nots which decorate the delicate bangle. Add in a pair of colorful cocktail rings and diamond briolette earrings for sparkle, and you’re ready for “I do”.


bridal style jewelryThere’s a reason why ballrooms are perennially popular for wedding venues. Soaring architecture and crystal chandeliers give a sense of timeless elegance, as does this dramatic Elie Saab gown. Part ballerina, part Grace Kelly, we love the mix of crystal encrusted sheath with a swirling taffeta overskirt. To compliment the sparkle and blush tones, try diamond jewelry with touches of gold and wine red. As the bodice is very detailed, we decided to forgo a necklace, opting instead for classic diamond drop earrings. A wide vintage diamond bracelet, Edwardian garnet ring, and Belle Epoque dinner ring bring the sparkle down onto the hand.

bridal style jewelryIf you’re an art lover or just looking for a unique venue, a museum or art gallery is the perfect spot. You don’t even have to think about decor, it’s built right in! The soft colors and interesting textures of this Vionnet gown would be at home in any artsy space. To pair with it, we selected diamond wedding jewelry set in darkened silver – a bangle bracelet set with rose cut diamonds and dangle earrings set with warm, Old Mine cut stones. A glowing opal ring in gold picks up the blush tone in the ruffled bodice, and the Edwardian pearl ring adds a touch of classic bridal white.

bridal style jewelryWhen planning a beach wedding, most brides choose relaxed, floaty styles that skim the body, but this Giambattista Valli dress feels like a 1950s-inspired beach wedding. Crisp chevron stripes, plus movie star shades and colorful shoes, make for a fun and flirty bridal look. I see huge navy blue beach umbrellas, mismatched vintage dinnerware, and an ice cream truck at the ready. Wedding jewelry including star motifs, like a Victorian bracelet and vintage opal cocktail ring play off the graphic stripes, while vintage diamond earrings add glamour. The high neckline may not need a necklace, but we love the idea of a diamond horseshoe for good luck as you set off on your new adventure.

bridal style jewelryIntimate restaurant weddings mean flickering candlelight, colorful details, and of course, fabulous food. In a smaller space, you might want a simpler gown with sparkling details to catch the light. We’re obsessed with the gilded embroidery, soft color, and structured shape of this Chanel dress. Added bonus, the ankle length means everyone gets to see your killer shoes! The bridal jewelry compliments the gown’s details without overshadowing them, like this delicate Edwardian gold and ruby bracelet and simple antique diamond drop earrings. However, I couldn’t resist adding two statement pieces, a dramatic antique diamond and black enamel cocktail ring and a sentimental Victorian Mizpah ring in rich gold.

Are you a bride planning a wedding in any of these venues? Tell us about your inspiration and your wedding day look!

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