Top 5 Diamond Ring Instagrams for August


Our community of jewel lovers has spoken, and here are our top five sparkling Instagrams from the month of August! This month, it was all about the diamond rings: vintage ones, antique ones, in stacks or individually. Follow us on Instagram to see our newest vintage rings, spectacular antique pieces, and behind-the-scenes peeks. 

mid century vintage wedding setThis beautiful 1940s wedding set belongs to one of our Doyle & Doyle brides. We love the two-tone band she chose to compliment her vintage solitaire diamond ring. The band is from the same period as the engagement ring and they easily could’ve been worn together back in the day, but the classic style feels fresh and modern at the same time. Look for the #doyledoylelove tag to see more photos of our couples and their jewels.

vintage engagement ring old mineAnother solitaire getting a lot of love was this sleek Old Mine cut diamond ring. We all went crazy for this bezel set ring when it arrived and we weren’t surprised when it flew out the door a few days later. Every Old Mine cut diamond is special and has a unique character. They’re mostly seen in 19th-century jewelry and their sparkle really comes to life in candlelight (although it’s not too shabby in sunlight or under fluorescents!).

gold vintage engagement ringsWhy wait for Christmas to see five golden rings? We paired three very different diamond rings set in gold with two of our favorite wide gold bands for an epic ring stack. You’ll see the Old Mine cut solitaire from the previous image mixed in, plus the newest version of our Heirloom scrolling diamond ring, set with a rose cut diamond.

solitaire vintage engagement ringSometimes it’s all about a spectacular diamond taking center stage, and this three carat Old Mine cut Edwardian solitaire is definitely SPECTACULAR! We love getting really close up on an older diamond so you can see all the intricacies of the faceting, including the culet in the center that marks this as an antique diamond. The next photo shows this beauty on the hand…

antique engagement ringsEvery week, we get in new rings, and some weeks, the rings are out-of-this-world amazing. Last week was such a week! It’s hard to pick a favorite among these beauties: the chemically pure and clear Golconda marquise, signed T.B. Starr, or the luscious antique Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond three stone? The more simple 3-carat Edwardian solitaire or the one with detailed filigree? Decisions, decisions! These diamond rings are only available in our NYC boutique, not online, so come see them before they fly away to new homes.

Did you see any fabulous jewels on Instagram in August?

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