Wedding Band Anti-Commandments


If you were reading along as we shared pairing ideas to complement our superb Victorian engagement ring of the week last Thursday, then you know that our rules for wedding band shopping are quite simple. Throw out the rules. As the dust settles post-engagement and you begin planning the finer details of your ceremony with your partner, you may feel overwhelmed by the checklists, how-to’s and traditions to which you “must” adhere. But the most important thing to remember through it all is that everything is your choice.


Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring Blue Enamel Wedding Band Pairing Ideas

From the color of your gown (and whether or not you even wear a gown), to how many people to invite (who do you want to spend this most special of days with?), to what you serve (you want all vegan catering? you go, girl!) – these are all things that you can decide with your partner to reflect your personal preference and taste. No magazine or etiquette guide has dominion over your big day, and that freedom of choice absolutely applies to your wedding bands themselves. Perhaps even more so than all the rest, your wedding bands should be something you connect to free from any concerns with tradition or worry over matching metals and eras, as your rings are something you will look upon far more often than any wedding album.

And while there are no rules you must follow on what bands to choose, there are some helpful ways to approach the process in order to ensure you have the time and resource to discover the best rings for you and your partner. Thus we bring you, our wedding band “Anti-Commandments.” Take from them what you will adapt them to fit your situation, and by all means, if there are further questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to call, stop by the store, or leave a comment on the blog.

Anti-Commandment 1: Style

You will wear these rings far beyond the lifespan of the runway’s ever-evolving trends, so think timelessness. Obviously, timeless doesn’t mean the same thing for every couple, so what matters most is that it flows seamlessly into your life and that you’ll feel comfortable wearing it dressed up, down or not at all.

Anti-Commandment 2: Lifestyle

Carefully consider the ways in which you use your hands on a day-to-day basis as you make your selection. If you are a rock climber or like to act like one, know that a diamond paves band may not be the right style for you.  Instead, you may want to explore a classic gold band or an engraved Art Deco Style.

Anti-Commandment 3: Timing

Due to a dearth of antique and vintage men’s bands, as well as diamond eternity bands, Doyle & Doyle now sells contemporary versions of these styles.  Our diamond eternity bands are handset and finished, while our metal bands are crafted on classic milling machines by American craftsmen.  These meticulous processes take time, so plan on four weeks for made to order metal bands and 10 for diamond eternity bands.  If you plan on engraving, you should budget for an additional two weeks before you receive your completed piece.

Anti-Commandment 4: Protection

Aside from keeping track of where you remove your rings (please don’t leave them next to the sink!) you should know that just like gems, precious metals are vulnerable. Avoid nicks and scratches by storing bands during rough work like home renovations or gardening.

Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to confidently to manage an informed search. Or you can just eschew it all and choose the first most fabulous wedding band you come across. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to do this – just your way. And whatever way you choose, we’d love to hear about your wedding band shopping experiences in the comments!

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