Wedding Bands: An Advanced Course in Pairing


Earlier this week we explored the ever-evolving history of wedding bands and finding unique ways to incorporate these centuries-old traditions into your nuptials. Brides and grooms today have the good fortune of surveying over 3,000 years of wedding ring rituals to remix into whatever style, shape, and material that suits their lives. (Ed. Note: If you want to really geek out on the incredible history of wedding bands in the Posy, Fede and Gimmel styles, check out this in-depth post from our archives here.) 


Posy, Fede, Gimmel Vintage Wedding Bands

If we could give our couples only one piece of advice as they begin to explore wedding bands it would be to create their own tradition. A band doesn’t need to perfectly match an engagement ring; in fact, some of the most striking combinations are those pieces which contrast yet complement one another.


Victorian Cushion Cut Diamond and Blue Enamel Engagement Ring

For those of you not as far along in the process as choosing wedding bands quite yet, remember, just as there is no right or wrong way to choose your bands, your engagement ring itself doesn’t need to conform to any traditions. And never before has a ring illustrated this style philosophy so well as our engagement ring of the week. This Victorian cushion cut engagement ring centering an old mine cut diamond in a surround of royal blue enamel, 22k gold and rose cut diamonds is all Imperial glamour and would make even a Russian czarina sigh in delight.

The striking blue enamel may at first give one pause as they attempt to envision incorporating this piece into their everyday wardrobe, let alone the seeming challenge of pairing such a bold, unconventionally shaped piece with a wedding band. However, as demonstrated by the creative pairings below, anything is possible with just a bit of imagination.


Victorian Cushion Cut Diamond and Blue Enamel Engagement Ring with Vintage Gold Band

Paired with a simple yet elegant 18k gold vintage wedding band, this extravagant ring is brought down to earth (though not too much) by the richer toned gold and streamlined design. This particular ring is just shy of 100 years old and bears the original engraving of “Nov. 1, 1916”.


Victorian Cushion Cut Diamond and Blue Enamel Engagement Ring with Vintage Gold Wedding Band featuring Engraved Flowers in Navette

When matched with an equally bold and only slightly less ornate wedding band to be worn on the left hand while your engagement ring moves to the right, the two become a balanced set of everyday statement jewels rich with meaning. Fashioned in 14k gold with engraved flowers in navette design on its eight sides, this fine vintage wedding band is also singularly gorgeous all on its own.


Victorian Cushion Cut Diamond and Blue Enamel Engagement Ring with Vintage Diamond Infinity Wedding Band and Vintage Diamond and Ruby Wedding Band

Stacked atop an equally striking bejeweled vintage diamond eternity band also featuring an engraved swirl design only serves to enhance the magnificence of our engagement ring of the week. Add a third ruby and diamond ring to the mix – perhaps in celebration of an anniversary, or even just because – and you have a treasure triple threat to mix and match as you see fit.

Are you looking for the perfect bands for your upcoming nuptials? Call or stop by to have one of our associates assist in discovering the one of a kind piece that’s just right for you.

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