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Fave red carpet jewels, 2017 Gold Globes edition

Fave red carpet jewels, 2017 Gold Globes edition

We are THRILLED to see that jewelry was back in a big way at this year’s Gold Globe awards! From traditional diamonds worn in non-traditional ways to statement vintage pieces to elegant antique jewels, the red carpet showed a lot of glamorous variety. Here are four of our favorite jewelry looks paired with similar pieces from […]
Doyle & Doyle's vintage diamond jewelry glamorous gift guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Glamorous Diamond Jewelry

The magic and glamour of the season inspired our next gift guide: Paint the Town in Diamonds! This is once-in-a-lifetime diamond jewelry, each piece sure to deliver an unforgettable holiday celebration. From glittering diamond bracelets to killer cocktail rings, here are nine of our favorites that will take your breath away all year long. See […]

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