The Doyle & Doyle Gift Guide: Part 2


This holiday season, Doyle & Doyle will help you choose a timeless treasure for all those nearest and dearest to your heart.  From the cousin who has been your co-conspirator since as early as your blanket fort adventures, to the colleague who spends enough time entrenched with you to find your idiosyncrasies endearing, to the beloved sister who was your first friend and remains your closest confidante, Doyle & Doyle has the perfect gift for each.


She is the most treasured person in your life. Whether she’s just shown you her latest masterpiece in purple marker all down your hallway, or told you she’s dropping out of Columbia to study the great Mexican muralists of the 1920’s in South America, holding her hand in counsel you can’t help but flash back to the first time those tiny fingers wrapped around your own, and all is forgiven. For your incorrigible yet irreproachable daughter, a Victorian Griffin pin to wear upon her lapel through life and show the whole world just what a majestic being you think she is will do quite nicely.


Your first friend and most trusted confidante, your sister is by far the most rewarding, and perhaps the most complex, of all relationships you will ever have. You both know that beyond the childhood (and sometimes, adulthood) squabbles, when the chips are down, she will always have: your back, a sage-like piece of advice, or the perfect interview scarf. For her, we suggest the pen-ultimate friendship bracelet, one that sparkles like her laughter over a shared inside joke.


His opinion on all matters you hold in the highest regard – until he disapproved of your high school boyfriend, then your brother was just an overprotective lug. But more times than not, your big brother has helped steer you in the right direction: introducing you to good music, teaching you to inhale and then scaring you straight (without telling your parents) when he found out you may have explored a little farther than cigarettes, and coaching you through the first time you went to the boss for a raise. Give your big brother the gift of some advice of your own this holiday season and tell him to FINALLY pop the question to that beautiful woman hopelessly in love with him, beloved by your family, and practically a saint for her patience.


ww2 compass cufflinks in gold

Your cousin has always been your partner in crime. From when you were crawling around in blanket forts, to the summer of your gap year spent hiking through Mustang, your co-conspiratorial spirit has always led to the most awesome of adventures. Help inspire your cousin to take the next big journey and start working on that screenplay loosely based on your shared misadventures he keeps threatening with these incredible Compass Cufflinks. So crucial an item, similar pieces were once swallowed by British military pilots to escape capture during WWII, so they’re sure to help guide him on his way.

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Happy Holidays!

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